M4OPT: Multi-Mission Multi-Messenger Observation Planning Toolkit

M4OPT is an open-source toolkit for multi-facility scheduling of astrophysics observing campaigns. It focuses on extremely rapid follow-up of gravitational wave (GW) and neutrino events with heterogeneous networks of space and ground-based observatories.

M4OPT uses the versatile mathematical framework of mixed integer programming to model and solve complex observation scheduling problems. Although M4OPT is open source, for the largest problems it can leverage two industrial-strength commercial MIP solvers: CPLEX or Gurobi. Both solvers are available for free for academic users.

M4OPT is designed from the Astropy affiliated pacakge template, and is meant to follow those standards, including interoperability with the Astropy ecosystem. It also complies with NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 7150 for Class C software and is suitable for non-safety-critical ground software applications for Class D NASA payloads.

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